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Latest patent tells us location is inside Apple’s DNA

Sometimes all the dots begin to join all at once, now new news in claims Apple’s putting together a new social location app called iGroups.

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Opinion: Apple’s App Store Hints Future Ads Strategy

Some say it isn’t where you’re going nor where you’ve been that counts, it’s just precisely where you’re at as you join your life’s internal dots. So let us now speculate on the meaning of the latest location-focused iTunes promo, as spotted by TechCrunch.

iTunes right now is featuring the top five location-based services via its iTunes Store, both on the Web and the iPhone. And we think the promo is a table-setting deal for future Apple ads-serving solutions. Continue reading

iPhone ascendant, users happy, sales strong

iPhone users are more comfortable with advertising within their apps and more likely to use and install applications on their device than users of any other smartphone, new research scheduled for release today informs.

TNS Compete will reveal initial iPhone-focused findings as it launches its new Smartphone Intelligence service, offering survey-based and behavioral analysis on smartphone use.

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Social networking’s sexier than Blu-ray

The price of Blu-ray players and discs seems set to fall this season, as those involved seek to take the format into the mass market – meanwhile that market’s changing, with consumers flocking to sign-up to location-based social networking services for their mobile phones, a pair of ABI Research reports claim.

“Blu-ray vendors and dealers are starting to realize that for Blu-ray to become the next DVD, they need to lower player prices in order to generate interest and build volumes,” said ABI Research principal analyst Steve Wilson.
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UK data watchdog ticks Google Street View

The UK Information Commissioner has declared the privacy safeguards Google uses in its Street View service to be ‘adequate’.

Street View service takes photographs of a city’s streets and publishes them together as a photo-map of a city. However, individuals can be identified in some images, raising privacy concerns.

To deal with these, Google is developing face and vehicle number plate blurring technologies which it is using in the bringing together of a Paris Street View service. Individuals can complain if they feel they are identifiable withing images, in which case the company will remove those images.
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