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Apple Closes LaLa.com. Will iTunes.com Launch In June? 5

Tweet Apple will close down its recently-acquired LaLa.com service on May 31, the company revealed in a bried message posted on the streaming music service’s website. Existing users will be able to log in until the end of next month.

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iPhone-controlled iPad Becomes TV Games Console – Can Apple TV Be Far Behind?? 13

Tweet Once again, with the technology so obvious that developers are already creating such solutions, there is a future for the Apple TV, as a low cost console for the television that aggregates all your iTunes media, offers internet access and surfing, a full selection of HD or upscaled iPhone apps and higher capacity. Oh, […]



Why Apple’s ARM Takeover May Make Sense 4

Tweet So the news is that Apple may acquire Cambridge-based chip designer, ARM Holdings for $8 billion. Chips designed by ARM now feature in nearly every one of the 4bn mobile phones in use around the world. ARM designs are deployed in Apple iPhones and iPads. Analyst Richard Holway of TechmarketView said. “I have no […]



iTunes Festival 2010: Ozzy, Scissor Sisters, Tony Bennett, more 8

Tweet Summer’s coming and Apple has once again anounced its annual iTunes Festival in London for 2010. Apple’s iTunes will present 62 bands across 31 days in a series of performances at the Roundhouse in Camden Town, London. Announced highlights include Scissor Sisters (July 1), Tony Bennett (July 2) & Ozzy Osbourne (July 3).


Watching Movies On iPhones Is “Dumb” Says Avatar Director James Cameron 1

Tweet Look, dummy, if you’re watching movies on your iPhone you’re not watching a movie, you may think you’re watching a movie, you may be able to hear the movie, you may even get the illusion you’ve seen the movie after you finish, but you ain’t, you just ain’t seen the movie. And its not […]


Opinion: Apple’s App Store Hints Future Ads Strategy 1

Tweet Some say it isn’t where you’re going nor where you’ve been that counts, it’s just precisely where you’re at as you join your life’s internal dots. So let us now speculate on the meaning of the latest location-focused iTunes promo, as spotted by TechCrunch. iTunes right now is featuring the top five location-based services […]


We love iPhone remote control systems 1

Tweet Just had to quickly note i-Got-it Corp.’s all-new remote control system which puts your iPod or iPod touch in command of all your household electrical gadgets. i-Got-Control is a plug-and-play accessory that turns an iPhone-powered device into a universal remote, allowing the user to control virtually any infrared device — TVs, stereo systems and […]