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Germany calling: Sky TV plans an iPad push

Tweet News Corp. doesn’t just own a load of newspapers, it also owns Sky – and it looks like it intends introducing iPad-compatible Sky TV subscriptions, beginning with a roll-out in Germany later this month. Sky Deutschland, News Corp.‘s German pay-TV provider will introduce its Sky Anywhere TV viewing service for the iPad in mid-May. […]


iPhone-controlled iPad Becomes TV Games Console – Can Apple TV Be Far Behind?? 13

Tweet Once again, with the technology so obvious that developers are already creating such solutions, there is a future for the Apple TV, as a low cost console for the television that aggregates all your iTunes media, offers internet access and surfing, a full selection of HD or upscaled iPhone apps and higher capacity. Oh, […]


VIDEO: iPad In Concert – Plays Flight Of The BumbleBee 1

Tweet Here’s the latest soon to be gigantically viral iPad-related video clip – Chinese pianist Lang Lang walked onstage in San Francisc to perform the encore playing Flight Of The Bumblebee on an iPad. He used the Magic Piano app, apparently.


iPhone 4G Set To Debut June 22 Says Rumour Of The Day 1

Tweet Pretty certainly the rumour of the day today will be claims Apple will introduce the latest and newest fourth-generation iPhone on June 22. We think the date sounds about right – after all, the company should be almost set to ship iPad in all its major international markets by then, assuming it gets to […]


Opinion: Apple’s App Store Hints Future Ads Strategy 1

Tweet Some say it isn’t where you’re going nor where you’ve been that counts, it’s just precisely where you’re at as you join your life’s internal dots. So let us now speculate on the meaning of the latest location-focused iTunes promo, as spotted by TechCrunch. iTunes right now is featuring the top five location-based services […]


Cory Doctorow, EFF, nail the iPhone Dev agreement 1

Tweet Thanks to Cory Doctorow and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The latter have published the Apple iPhone Developer Program License Agreement, “a secretive document that requires its signatories to agree to a gag order on the terms of the deal.” The EFF got its hands on the document by filing a Freedom of Information Act […]


Apple TV will be iPhone games console, Webush Morgan speaks 23

Tweet We’ve talked before about Apple’s hobby product, the Apple TV. Tim Cook even characterised the product as that once again during a recent analysts call – but we suspect Cupertino’s being cunning once again, and one day the Apple TV will morph into something completely different – a games console. At least one games […]