DRM-free boosts online music sales 260%

UK digital music retailer 7digital.com this week released figures which confirm a huge increase in sales following the company’s first to market move to offer music for sale online free of DRM. The company’s fourth quarter sales grew over 260 per cent on strength of it offering tracks in high-quality […]

Majors go DRM-free with iTunes Plus

  Given the extent of repeated rumours in the run-up to Christmas, it’s no great surprise that fresh reports this morning claim Apple could announce a fully DRM-free iTunes Store as soon as today. The report claims Apple has also given agreement to flexible pricing on music, so labels will […]

We7 goes ad-free for Christmas 1

Joining the list of online music services making seasonal offers, ad-supported music service We7 has become an ad-free service for the Christmas season. The company will remove all audio advertising from its music tracks for the festive period (between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve), so music fans can listen […]

Majors want different things to join iTunes Plus…

You’ve been waiting for DRM-free music from all the major labels through iTunes, right? We reported on a “blink-and-you-miss-it” moment when tracks from majors blipped briefly in Apple’s iTunes Plus line-up? Just WTF is going down? Negotiations may be narrowing toward closure – though at this point nothing is certain […]

7Digital CEO: Amazon MP3 UK a ‘blow’ to iTunes 2

Amazon’s move to introduce its DRM-free MP3 download store in the UK is beginning to generate reactions from within the UK music industry, with competing online music service, 7Digital’s CEO Ben Drury noting his company went DRM-free first in the UK. “We’d like to congratulate Amazon UK for finally entering the […]


Paul McCartney ‘doesn’t mind’ illegal downloading 1

Paul McCartney yesterday said that he “doesn’t mind” illegal downloading, though he does have some problems understanding the concept. He explained that while he doesn’t download illegally himself, he was tempted to buy Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ for a penny, but only so he could tell his mates he’d paid much […]

Universal, Warner, SonyBMG join iTunes Plus? 11

The long-standing duel between Apple and three major labels, Universal, Warners and Sony BMG may be coming to an end, with tracks from these majors now showing up within the iTunes Plus music upgrade service. There’s been strong rumours claiming negotiations between Apple and the labels to offer music at […]


More Sony/Apple iTunes moves – DRM-free coming? 2

More signs of a developing relationship between Sony and Apple this morning. Sony Pictures Television has reached another interesting deal with iTunes, offering its all-new legal drama, ‘Canterbury’s Law’ for purchase through the UK arm of the service. It’s not the first television series the company has introduced into the […]