Apple versus Google: Now Samsung Plans An Android-Powered TV 7

Just how far is the battle going to go, as Apple defines itself as the world’s leading consumer electronics company while Google attempts to retool itself as a product and software firm, rather than a search engine. Now comes the news Samsung may be preparing to assemble Android-powered televisions…



China Unicom plans cut-price iPhones as China Telecom prepares to enter the iFray

Big news from China where Apple’s current carrier China Unicom says it hopes to reduce iPhone prices there – even as far bigger rival, China Telecom, confirms continued talks to distribute the Apple device in the country. China Mobile Ltd. Chairman Wang Jianzhou said Friday that his company and Apple […]

Transformers leap to iPhone as comic publishers prep iPad attacks

More from the wonderful world of comic publishing on the iPhone and in future, iPad, with Titan Publishing’s introduction of the first issue of its official Transformer’s comic for the iPhone. Now, we’ve been speaking to comics industry insiders in recent months and we know that this latest title is […]

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Particle physics in a rubber dinghy? 1

Don your eye patch and join a motley band of scientists, friends and followers hiding out in the depths of London Bridge’s atmospheric SHUNT Lounge for an extraordinary voyage through the strange seas of particle physics. With 50,000 tonnes of super pure water and a crew of expert navigators from […]

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Key research explores arts in digital age

Arts Council England has published findings from two new pieces of digital research. The research is part of the first phase of the organisation’s three year programme to help the arts world seize the digital opportunity. The first study explores the public’s understanding of and engagement with art in the […]

No Zune phone as MSFT goes aggro v iPhone 8

Microsoft has moved to cease speculation it intends releasing its own Zune phone to compete with the Apple iPhone, and presumably the iPod touch. The company pooh-poohed the notion during its financial results announcement this week, saying its strategy will be to improve Windows Mobile and continue working with its […]