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BBC adds Facebook, Twitter to iPlayer, makes MSFT connection 1

Tweet The BBC has added Facebook, Live Messenger and Twitter integration to its iPlayer service, a beta version of which opened to the public today. Twitter, Facebook and Windows Live Messenger will be linked to a user’s “BBC ID” which they get when they register on BBC.co.uk.



Germany calling: Sky TV plans an iPad push

Tweet News Corp. doesn’t just own a load of newspapers, it also owns Sky – and it looks like it intends introducing iPad-compatible Sky TV subscriptions, beginning with a roll-out in Germany later this month. Sky Deutschland, News Corp.‘s German pay-TV provider will introduce its Sky Anywhere TV viewing service for the iPad in mid-May. […]


Apple versus Google: Now Samsung Plans An Android-Powered TV 7

Tweet Just how far is the battle going to go, as Apple defines itself as the world’s leading consumer electronics company while Google attempts to retool itself as a product and software firm, rather than a search engine. Now comes the news Samsung may be preparing to assemble Android-powered televisions…


BBC iPlayer to get Facebook, Twitter, Bebo integration

Tweet The BBC is embracing the social Web, confirming that Facebook, Twitter and Bebo integration will be part of the future of iPlayer. BBC future media chief, Erik Huggers, confirmed these plans when speaking with The Telegraph. As he explains it, the plan begins with integration of these services into iPlayer, with such integration then […]


Netflix survey shows iPhone service under review

Tweet We’ve been hoping this would happen – it looks like online film-on-demand service, Netflix, is looking seriously at the potential of introducing its own iPhone/iPad app to enable customers to hire its movies using the Apple devices. The company last night began surveying a select group of Netflix customers to assess their interest in […]


Anime leads YouTube’s video-on-demand niche attack on Hulu, iTunes 1

Tweet YouTube has quietly widened the range of videos it is making available for rent through the popular Google-owned service, betting a little face that a focus on niche markets will help it take on existing behemoths in the online video on-demand space, such as iPlayer, Hulu and iTunes.


Boxee Beta Goes Public, Download Now 14

Tweet The Boxee Beta is officially out. The Beta is available for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu (including 64bit). The version is still not available for Apple TV, yet, but Boxee is working with the atv-creator community, and “look forward to having news on this front”. The Beta has already been tested by tens of thousands […]



Boxee unveils new beta, D-Link product partner 3

Tweet The Boxee team have held good to their promise, delivering their first hardware partner (D-Link) and an all-new Beta of the Mac, PC and Apple TV-friendly multimedia service for digital lives. Perhaps the big news delivered at the Music Hall of Williamsburg last night is that of the Boxee Box by D-Link, the first […]



iPlayer comes to Nintendo Wii next week

Tweet The BBC and Nintendo UK today introduced a new version of the popular BBC iPlayer on Nintendo’s Wii. First made available through the console’s Internet Channel in April 2008, BBC iPlayer will now be available as a dedicated Wii Channel to provide Wii users with a new, richer experience of the BBC’s TV and […]