The iPhone isn’t going to ship in June, report claims

Very interesting series of reasons the fanbois and Apple-haters shouldn’t begin shooting their load just yet: “I’m really not expecting the iPhone 5 launch will take place during the Apple[AAPL] WWDC event this June. I don’t really think it was ever planned. Here’s three reasons why you shouldn’t hold your breath:” READ […]

Apple iPhone 5 to be under 8mm thin, ships Fall

Apple [AAPL] may plan its thinnest smartphone yet, aiming to shave the iPhone 5 to just under 8mm through use of new display technology, that’s the latest  breakfast rumor this Monday morning.READ MORE.

Why an ‘iPad mini’ makes sense for Apple 2

A smaller iPad would make perfect sense as an eBook reader — about the size of a paperback. It would offer better features than anything the Amazon/Android hybrid can offer, including iOS levels of usability. Best of all, given Apple’s economies of scale when it comes to component acquisition, would […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 ships in June, reports 1

Forget June, October is the latest iPhone 5 launch rumor with the new Apple [AAPL] smartphone set to boast a larger screen and better graphics than before, the latest reports claim. READ MORE

Apple plans high-res Mac ‘resolution’

watch?v=e8hrBISZ6nA The surveys are in and they tell us the Retina Display is far and away thefavorite feature on the new iPad, but it won’t stop there — because Apple[AAPL] plans a fresh ‘resolution’ with higher-res Macs. READ MORE.

Apple’s iTunes Match is yesterday’s future ten year’s late

    Apple [AAPL] today is expected to introduce its super-fast, voice-savvy,revolutionary fifth-generation iPhone. The company is also expected to unleash the file-sharing amnesty-like services of iCloud and iTunes Match — on a day which ironically also marks the tenth anniversary of the founding world’s first legal P2P music-sharing service, Wippit. READ IT HERE

Will Facebook give iTunes a twist of F8?

Since its introduction in 2001, Apple’s [AAPL] iTunes Store has led the business, eventually becoming the world’s biggest music store. For a decade, the service has seen no great threat, but if the rumors from Facebook’s f8 conference have weight, the social network may give the iTunes hegemony its biggest scare yet. READ MORE

Apple’s Tim Cook hosts October 4 iPhone 5 launch

Get set for your next upgrade, because the iPhone 5 (range?) is set to reveal itself next month on October 4, All Things Digital claims today, at last ending months of speculation. The date makes sense because it is one of those time-honored “Apple Tuesdays“. READ IT HERE

Apple iPad 2012: Faster, brighter, cheaper

Those Apple [AAPL] iPhone 5/4S images are appearing everywhere as we enter the final days of the long wait for the new product(s), but what of the iPad 3, can we really expect that device this year? READ MORE

Will Apple’s Mac sales survive the PC price war?

The iPad invasion has devoured the netbook business and driven the PC industry into the ground, so expect a price war this Christmas as PC manufacturers, led by Acer [ACER INC] and Lenovo [LNVGY], struggle to woo new customers with a PC price war. But, with a reputation as a […]