On Adobe, Apple, the future and Flash

Re: This from Steve Jobs, Thoughts on Flash

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen responds like this

In which he says of his philosophy v Jobs, “We have different views of the world,” Mr. Narayen says. “Our view of the world is multi-platform.”

We get that.
Mac, iPhone, iPad, a few PCs and a bevy of Android devices.
Ciao, Adobe.

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One thought on “On Adobe, Apple, the future and Flash

  1. Marc

    It’s lowest common denominator multi-platform. That’s why Adobe’s Mac software has sucked over the last five or six years. They’re too focused on trying to make all their stuff work on multiple platforms instead of making a good product. Jobs was right about them being lazy. Adobe got a ton of my money for CS3, but that’s the last dime until they treat me with respect.

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