O2 slip hints next-gen iPhone will make video calls 9

Short version: The next-generation iPhone will at last offer the capacity to make video calls, eagle-eyed visitors to the newly-updated O2 UK iPhone plans page are pondering.

O2 has added “video calls” to its list of Key Features for Apple’s device, the biggest hint yet at future inclusion of such a facility. This could be why the iPhone 3.2 SDK has the video calling feature everyone’s been generating site traffic through speculation about.

After all, the current SDK is 1/ Beta software and 2/ Also part of the wider iPhone development cycle. So we won’t be holding our breath for video calling on the iPad, but reckon this new O2 leak pretty much confirms the feature’s coming to the next-gen iPhone.

Redmond Pie recaps other rumours for the next iPhone, which should boast a faster processor and support for 802.11N wifi. Also look forward to a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash.

Jolly good.

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