No anti-iPhone Zune phone says Gartenberg

Microsoft is unlikely to introduce a Zune phone to compete with the iPhone, Jupiter Research analyst, Michael Gartenberg tells us.

Writing in his online blog, the analyst says Microsoft won’t take te fight to Apple in this way because the “business model of Windows Mobile is totally different than Zune.”

The analyst argues that while Zune deployed technologies Mi crosoft shared with others, those involved in creating music players weren’t achieving a market presence. Not so Windows Mobile, he says.

“Windows Mobile is a core platform and OS. No one has ever been successful licensing technology platforms to others and then competing with a device of their own. Apple failed (twice), Palm and Nokia all tried it and it just can’t be done. Microsoft now has traction with more than 20 million licenses out there and a great stream of partners and new phones for consumer and business use. A Zune phone from Microsoft would potentially hurt all that,” he explains.

The analyst concludes that Microsoft’s most likely strategy will be to put mobile Zune branded functions inside future version of Windows Mobile.

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