Digital DJ’s dream app reaches iTunes

Apple has at last approved Amidio’s rather impressive-seeming iPhone app for digital DJ’s, Touch DJ.

Eight weeks waiting in the approval queue saw the developers grow alarmed, thinking their app was fated to remain a mystery to most. Now that wait is over and you too can get your pointy-fingers making massive beats on your Apple phone.

Touch DJ seems to realise the potential of Apple’s handheld computer to deliver real-time independent precise manipulation of two pitched MP3 files – simultaneously…or DJ mixing, by any other name.

From the developers, “This application is not a toy, it’s a completely new way to create stunning DJ mixes whenever you like. You can touch and feel your tracks, move around them, scratch them, EQ them, loop them, pinch them, and mix them without cueing – only by visual control. All the tracks are frequency-coloured to make beat-matching even easier.

We think the app looks pretty impressive, so here’s a few more demo videos showing some of what it can do.

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