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Apple Steampunk’t — Victorian values for iPad, Mac and iPhone

Tweet The Internet. Cloud-based computing. The PC. The Apple [AAPL] mobile vision. iPads and iPhones. These technologies are transforming relationships at a rapid rate. Sometimes it’s nice to slip into something historical and evocative, so here’s some solutions to steampunk your Apple kit. First I came across the Old Time Computer iMac covers. This transforms your Apple desktop into […]


Here comes iCloud for the enterprise…

Tweet Tell your IT department the old days when they could say Apple [AAPL] products are too hard to support on your corporate network are gone. Apple continues to explode across the enterprise — and there’s a rapidly growing list of enterprise class management and secure environment tools designed to make deployment of any Apple […]


Apple religion will help the homeless

Tweet Yesterday we learned that Apple is a religious experience, now the head of one of the UK’s biggest homeless self-help organizations wants to spread the new iSalvation as he moves to create an innovative street level news organization using iPhones. This unique move will see homeless and near homeless street newspaper sellers given iPhone (5’s) […]

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