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Apple makes 3D TV sexy with iPad 3 HD

There’s a market segment that’s desperately needing a little slice of Apple [AAPL] product marketing magic, and it’s 3DTV. Introduced with much brouhaha as a ‘must-have’ killer new feature, the technology has rapidly been relegated to just another spec, consumers like it, don’t love it. Does Apple have an iPad plan to make the technology interesting?

Apple religion will help the homeless

Yesterday we learned that Apple is a religious experience, now the head of one of the UK’s biggest homeless self-help organizations wants to spread the new iSalvation as he moves to create an innovative¬†street level news organization using iPhones.

This unique move will see homeless and near homeless street newspaper sellers given iPhone (5’s) by the head of the organization with which they’ll be asked to take pictures, videos and notes of what’s happening around them in order to send them back to the news room.

That’s what’s coming to Big Issue sellers in the UK. The Big Issue is a UK institution, founded by John Bird the principle is extremely simple: homeless or near homeless people can visit the magazine’s headquarters to buy a pile of the titles to sell on the street. They get to keep a half the ¬£2 cover price.
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Apple signs majors to iTunes cloud

The Apple [AAPL] social network for music, Ping, seems set to become something you want to use, rather than an embarrassing relative you try to ignore. That’s because the company has reached a series of key major label deals to support its mythical cloud-based music services, even as its competitors — including Google and Amazon — fail to reach deals for their own unlicensed attempts. We’ve also learned that Apple has been developing the service for years, with a new patent filing showing a unique approach to service delivery.