Apple’s 2014 in 8 pictures 1

Apple shocked the industry with 64-bit support within the A7 processor and iPhone 5S. Less of a shock but also surprising the M7 motion co-processor opens up opportunities for future low-power companion devices as the company begins to focus on fashion as a market ripe for wearables, such as…

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The 8 best Apple books you can read today 2

Looking for something interesting to read this Thanksgiving? Why not browse this selection of the best Apple history books you can read right now — if you never, ever read any other books about the company, you should read these:

Google’s Schmidt claims only Samsung, Google match iPhone? 1

Google’s OS now dominates the smartphone sector in terms of unit sales. However, perhaps market share isn’t such a good metric now Google’s chair has admitted only a few devices — from Google and Samsung — truly compete with the iPhone. The diverse smartphone sector has just been reduced to a […]

Google's Schmidt claims only Samsung, Google match iPhone

Bad day at the Google factory

Google saw “open” as meaning users of other platforms than its own should be open about their Internet behaviours whether they liked it or not, even though it chose not to be open about what it was doing

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Apple’s collaboration becomes company wide

Apple [AAPL] has turned to retail store employees in an attempt to improve the way it sells iPhones in its stores, urging its workers to dream up ideas it calls “Pie in the sky.” Read More

Educated guesses as to the iPhone 5 release date…

Great speculation clads the question: “When will Apple [AAPL] introduce the iPhone 5?” I’ve been gazing at the crystal ball, talking to astrologers, seeking the wisdom of soothsayers and looking at my iCal calendar to estimate the date: October 2, or October 16. READ MORE.

Apple’s [AAPL] iPhone 5 could be the most important smartphone release since the original iPhone, with the world watching to see if its introduction will help beat Samsung down from what Strategy Analytics and ABI Research agree is that firm’s number one position in the global mobile phone biz. READ MORE